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Our Goal is to Help Poor Hearing impaired Children

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We are helping people of all ages to hear happily and communicate freely

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Is it mandatory to do hearing assessment of my child ?

Hearing loss is hidden . There are high chances that hearing loss of lesser degree are not noticeable but will affect speech and language development of child. According to JCIH, newborn hearing screening is as important as visual screening. This include screening every newly born baby in hospital before discharge. This helps to identify babies who are at potential risk at the earliest age. If you wish to conduct hearing testing please contact audiologist near you or call us.

What are the benefit of hearing assessment at early age ?

Hearing is the essential mode for learning language. The critical period for language development is 0-3 years , after 3 years, brain’s plasticity is reducing and higher skills are learnt. In case if baby has hearing loss ,we can do management of hearing loss as early as 6 months of age , there are definite chances to develop normal language.

Who should undergo hearing testing ?

According to JCIH , all babies born should undergo primary hearing assessment. Also , those who have some kind of medical history like premature deliver, low birth weight , NICU stay for more than 5 days , h/o jaundice must undergo screening test.

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